Membership Benefits

There are plenty of benefits to joining IAAC as a member. They include:
· An ability to network with the broader Indian community.
· You will be able to participate in cultural programs and celebrations,
· Access to the Indian diaspora to help build your social network in Canberra.
· Free entry to all IAAC events in a calendar year.
· Free entry to all IAAC-organised programmes by reputable artists from India.
· Invitation to other social and cultural events that are held in Canberra through the IAAC channel.
· Showcase your talent by participating in our various cultural programs held throughout the year..

Membership Information

Why become a member?

IAAC provides a platform for people with connections to India, or with an interest in Indian culture to interact with each other. Newcomers to the city can connect quickly with the Indian community and become part of the social network. One gets a taste of home by attending, or participating in, the range of cultural events organised by the Association.

Who can become a member?

Any person with an interest in Indian culture may apply for membership and may be admitted to membership of the Association, provided: A. The approval of the Committee has been obtained. B. The membership fee as prescribed has been paid. For any issues/queries regarding membership or donations please email

How to become a member?

You can request for membership by completing the membership form below

Current Membership Fees

* SINGLE : $15
* Couple /FAMILY : $20

Join us please complete membership Form

Any person aged 18 and above, who is in general sympathy with the objectives of the Association and is normally resident in A.C.T. and its surroundings is eligible for ordinary Membership of the Association, and can become one on approval by the Committee of the person's application in the form specified in Schedule 1, and payment of the annual subscription as specified in Clause 5(d). An Ordinary Member shall have voting rights in all meetings and referenda of the Association.

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